MIDI-to-audio samples



List of systems

These are the experimental systems

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Audio samples

sample 1sample 2sample 3sample 4sample 5sample 6
Natural Natural
Fluidsynth Fluidsynth
Pianoteq Pianoteq
abs-mfb-sin abs-mfb-sin
abs-mfb-noi abs-mfb-noi
abs-mel-sin abs-mel-sin
abs-mel-noi abs-mel-noi
taco2-mfb-sin taco2-mfb-sin
taco2-mfb-noi taco2-mfb-noi
taco3-mfb-sin taco3-mfb-sin
taco3-mfb-noi taco3-mfb-noi
taco4-mfb-sin taco4-mfb-sin
taco4-mfb-noi taco4-mfb-noi
pfnet-mfb-sin pfnet-mfb-sin
pfnet-mfb-noi pfnet-mfb-noi
pfnet-mel-sin pfnet-mel-sin
pfnet-mel-noi pfnet-mel-noi
pfnet-spec-GL pfnet-spec-GL
midi-sin-nsf midi-sin-nsf
midi-noi-nsf midi-noi-nsf